Saturday, September 27, 2008

Efficient PACS Reading

Radiologists are reading more cases every year, and anything that makes our day more efficient is a good thing. In a computer-centric environment, the workday revolves around digital imaging, the monitor, mouse, and keyboard.

A great scripting program called Autohotkey can save you thousands of repetitive mouse clicks and keystrokes a year. If you are a heavy computer user like me, it can make your computing experience significantly better, and save you from repetitive strain injury.

It's simple to learn, if you let your inner geek run wild and free. It can be run off a USB stick, so administrative privileges are not required.

Learn more about it:

Autohotkey in Radiology

Using AHK


Vic David MD

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Anonymous said...

Dr. David,

I have worked with radiologists in the medical imaging field ( for a number of years and never actually thought about the repetitive strain injury aspect of their profession or the number of actual strokes it takes to read MRI, CT, Ultrasound and other scans. I am sure your Autohotkey will generate a lot of interest.